Table 6.

Top 20 paper-producing companies in China, based on tonnage.

Output (t)
No.Name20012002% change
Source: Chinese Ministry of Light Industry Statistics
1Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd863,7001,113,00029
2Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd580,1001,040,33080
3Shandong Sun Paper Co. Ltd342,300517,30051
4Ningbo Shongua Paper Co. Ltd453,000476,2005
5Shandong Huatai Paper Industry Shareholding Co. Ltd240,000450,00087
6UPM-Kymmene (Suzhou) Paper Industry Co. Ltd303,000343,40013
7Guangzhou Paper Group Ltd304,400292,700–4
8Gold Huasheng Paper (Suzhou Industrial) Co.Ltd237,000262,70011
9Hunan Yue Yang Pulp & Paper Co.Ltd (Group)200,600262,70011
10Fujian Nan Ping Paper Co. Ltd215,300241,80012
11Shandong Bo Hui Paper Co. Ltd123,000225,00083
12Fujian Qingshan Paper Industry Co. Ltd164,000213,00030
13Zhuhai S.E.Z Hongta Renheng Paper Co. Ltd185,000208,600136
14Hebei Jiteng Paper Co. Ltd211,000202,000−4
15Shanghai Xinlun Paper Co. Ltd170,000200,00018
16An Hui Shanying Paper Industry Co.Ltd129,700197,60052
17Guangdong Zhongshan Lianhe Hongxing Paper Co193,800196,6001
18Shandong Talin Paper Co. Ltd133,500194,50046
19Zhejiang Yongtai Paper (Group) Industry Co. Ltd110,000173,60058
20Shandong (Lingqing) YInhe Paper Group Co. Ltd130,000170,00031
Total of top 20 companies5,291,4016,983,03232