Table 2.

Main calcined-clay producers in China.

Name (tpa)CapacityComments
Source: Song Bao Xiang, Pulp and Paper Industrial Research Institute of China, Beijing (pers. comm.)
Shanxi Shuozhou Anping Kaolin Co. Ltd30,000Taken over by Engelhard in 2002
Shanxi Jinyang Calcined Kaolin Ltd30,000Imported calciner
Shanxi Shouzhou Pingrui Kaolin Co.Ltd10,000
Shanxi Shuangjiu Kaolin Co. Ltd5000
Shanxi Taiyuan Bayi Filling Factory10,000
Yangquan Coal Group Co. Ltd8000
Western-Inner Mongolia New Material Co.Ltd30,000Equipment imported in 2002
Inner Mongolia Sanbao Zhunge’er Kaolin Co. Ltd20,000Two calciners imported
Shandong Xinwen Mine Bureau Wennan Kaolin10,000Part of equipment imported
Yankuang Group Beisu Mine Kaolin Factory15,000Commenced operation in 2003
Anhui Huaibei Kaolin Exploitation General Mill15,000
Huaibei Golden Rock Kaolin Company Ltd, Anhui20,000Magnetting and grinding stage
Wanbei Coal and Electricity Gp, Maoyingzi Mill10,000Equipment made in China
Shanxi Pubai Mine Mine Bureau10,000
Ningxia Shizuishan Huaguang Science and Tech Ex7000
Shanxi Luonan Xinyuan Group Gucheng Nonmetal5000
Fujian Taining Fine Kaolin Factory10,000Normal kaolin as feed material
Suzhou (China) Kaolin Company5000
Henan Gongyi Kaolin Mill Run Factory20,000
Hunan Leiyang Chaopai Chemical Co. Ltd8000Constructed own calciner