Table 1.

Main operating hydrous kaolin companies of China.

CompanyGeology and resources (Mt)Production capacities (all grades Ktpa)Main markets
Fujian Province
Longyan Kaolin Co (LKC)Kaolinized granite 53 Mt matrix50Ceramics 100% Low Fe and Ti
Longyan area (six other producers)Receive matrix from LKC30Ceramics 100% Similar to LKC
Guangdong Province
Maoming Kaolin CoKaolinitic sands60Mainlypaper coating
MaomingKaolinitic sands60Mainlypaper coating
Petrochemical MiningOthers
Maoming ShangeKaolinitic sand50Mainlypaper coating
Maoming YangdongKaolinitic sands45Mainlypaper coating
Far East InternationalOthers
Maoming Maoqun Kaolin CompanyKaolinitic sands15Mainlypaper coating
Zhanjiang Yuexin Mineral Industry CoKaolinizedGranites 20 Mt50Paper Coating (40%) Porcelain/Others (60%)
Gaozhou Kaolin CompanyKaolinized granites15Mainly sanitary ware Good casting properties
Chaozhou Feitianyan China Clay MineKaolinized volcanics15Ceramics 100% Too abrasive for paper
Jiangsu Province
China Kaolin Clay Company, SuzhouKaolinized Volcanics 50 MT100Paper 20%, Ceramics 40%, Others 40%
Hunan Province
Hengshan China ClayKaolinizedgranite70Ceramics 100%
Jiepai Ceramic WorksKaolinized granite150Ceramics 100%
Liling China Clay MineKaolinized granite50Ceramics 100%
Chanagning area MinesKaolinized granite20Ceramics 100%
Jiangxi Province
Dazhou MineKaolinized granite20Ceramics 100%
GaolingKaolinized Granite Deposit depleted0Original location for Gaolin = Kaolin
Yichun 414 MineKaolinized granite10Mainly for ceramics
Guangxi Province
Dafang, Zunyi, Qingxi and Zhijin areas100% halloysite associated volcanics2Used in high-quality porcelain bodies
Shandong Yankuang Group, BehaiKaolinized granite100Destined for paper coating and ceramics
Yunnan Province
Jialida Ceramic Co, MengsongKaolinized granite 2 Mt5High quality, low iron and titania for porcelain
Hebei Province
Hebei Shahe Kaolin CoSedimentary40Paper and ceramics
Shahe Mine Processing MillSedimentary23Paper and ceramics
Shahe Baicuo Paper Making Kaolin MillSedimentary20Mainly for paper